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Make your pet happy with our range of pet accessories

For a comprehensive range of pet accessories from Best Buddies Pet and Fishing Supplies

Hythe - 01303 487 144

Folkestone - 01303 779 380

From kittens to parrots

Animal toys

Grooming equipment

You will be astonished at the vast range of products we supply. So whether your pet is small or large let us help make them happy with one of our quality pet accessories.

All animals love to be mentally stimulated, that's why we keep such a huge range of toys for you to choose from. Call in to our Hythe or Folkestone branch and take a look.

Also available is our stock of grooming equipment, all pets, whether long or short haired, benefit from being groomed. It keeps their coat healthy and promotes well-being, call in and see our range of grooming equipment.

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